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How can you activate visa gift card?

When it comes to standard card shopping you can activate your visa gift card while using a normal credit or debit card. Now some of the gift cards may activated as soon as they are purchased, however for some you have to activate visa gift card.

There are several ways you can activate visa gift card. Here is a comprehensive guide as to how your card can be activated.


Most of the cards come with a sticker attached on their front face. On that sticker you would find a long number which is the phone number you require to dial in order to activate visa gift card .

If you see one on your visa gift card, this means that your card would be activated this way. Follow the automated way which the computer would tell you once you have dialed the number.


It often asks you to give a CVN number which is written at the back end of your card. You would also need to punch down the verification code into your keypad while on call.

At times there is no number written on the front. This means that you would have to prompt in another indirect way to activate visa gift card .

On the backend of your card you would find a customer service number which you would need to dial. after following the automated instructions from the computer you would be required to enter the PIN of the card. Some cards come with a PIN in order for stronger verification.

In case you want some help you can always press ‘0’ on the phone set to redirect you to customer care officer in place of computer generated automated instructions. If you are new to using visa gift cards, we suggest you start with talking to the customer care officer first.


If calling on the phone is not working out for you, you can always call the Visa company directly to get started with your verification process.

They would ask you a series of questions in order to verify your card. It’s always better to call their customer support office. You can often find direct contact and link to their office at the back end of the card.


Some cards require online activation or in case you do not feel like activating your card via phone or contacting customer help, you can always have the option of activating your card behind the screen. You may find a sticker for that as well, as many visa gift cards are activated online.

However, in case you do not find any sticker for such cause, you can directly go to their website’s link. You can also go for the issuing vendor. Flip the card and go to the vendor’s link. Often the vendors who issues such visa gift cards do have separate links for activating the issues visa cards.

Enter your information and register your card there. it is advised to always register your card to avoid having any future problems with it.

While registering you may be asked about some of your personal information including some security questions. Make sure you have entered the right information.


When making some online purchases your personal information entered there is matched against the information you have provided. If there are any mismatches, you may have problem processing your gift card and using it in the future.

Even though your gift card activation may require online activation through a web portal. Always look for scams and shady websites. So always make sure you are sharing your personal information only on visa’s or the vendor’s web link.


You might as well sign the back of the card and store it with you for safety purposes. To avoid and theft, flip over your card and on the blank line do your signatures.

If you have been given any validation code after you have registered your visa gift card, make sure you have written down everything as a record. Also make sure you are using your card before it expires hence you have to activate visa gift card.

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