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Disney Reviews | About Disney Premier Visa Card

Disney is among one of the magical places, and to let people enjoy the magic, Chase offers a rewards credit card named as Disney Premier Visa, which you can use to get discounts on all type of purchases.

We have collected a variety of credit card reviews and mostly the structure of earning and
redeeming the points is comparatively simple for things like cash back opportunities and free travel.

The structure of the Disney Premier’s rewards redemption is a little complex one, so with
the help of the reviews you will be able to understand how you can maximize the
rewards on this card for having unique Disney experiences.

Here, we will enlighten the type of benefits that you can get with this card in the short term and long term run, along with the fees and rates, which you will pay, and what most of the people are saying about the Disney Premier Visa card.

Disney Premier Visa’s Short-Term Benefits

When you will make a start with the Disney Premier Visa by signing up then in the first few months to engage you they will send you a series of benefits so that you apply for the card.

After knowing this fact, take out some time and read the points given below to conclude whether this card is worth applying.

$200 in Disney Gift Card

In the first three months after getting this card if you will spend an amount of $500 then you will get a Disney gift card of $200, which you can redeem at the Disney locations given below:

  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disneyland Resort
  • U.S. Disney Stores

You can use the card for the purchases of “real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort” in accordance with the fine print.

Some other points that you need to take notice:

Up to 8 weeks are required for the Gift card to arrive

Some of the purchases that are not included in the limit of $500 are as follow:

  • Casino chips
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Credit card fees
  • Lottery tickets
  • Sports betting
  • Balance transfers

There are three different ticket prices for adults for the Magic Kingdom in California and Orlando depending on the season

  • The Value price is $99
  • The Regular price is $107
  • The Peak price is $119

During the value season with the introductory bonus, you can get two free adult tickets. Note that the mentioned prices are exclusive of tax so in taxes you can expect to pay around $15.

How does the gift card of $200 stack up opposed to other credit card rewards? The American Express offered you a Starwood Preferred Guest card, which gives you 25000- point bonus. The cost of per night stay at Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort is 10,000 points and at the time of publishing, the cost per night is $235.

You can earn three nights at the Dolphin on spending $5000 along with the introductory bonus. $705 is the cash value of that redemption.

Long-Term Benefits of the Disney Premier Visa

Have you gone through the short-term benefits of the card? If you are, still not satisfied with the card then go through the long-term benefits of the card to convince yourself this card is a good fit for you.

10% of Disney Purchases of $50 or More

You will get a discount of 10% on spending the total of $50 or higher whenever you will make a purchase using your Disney Premier Visa Card at a Disney Store, Disney Resort or at the Disney website. The discount offer is not applicable to shipping and handling charges.

As a Disney fan, you may notice some of the restrictions. For example, you will not able to get any discount in the following areas:

  • Ghirardelli Soda Fountain Shop & Disney Studio Store Hollywood
  • World of Disney

You will also not get the discount on the Disney Vacation Club, theme park passes and Disney Cruise Line purchases.

Disney Dollar Bonuses

Mostly, you will earn the Disney Dollars on making purchases using your Disney premier card, which is the rewards point’s Disney’s version you can earn with any of the rewards credit cards.

Two types of bonuses are offered on this card:

  • 2% off on restaurant, gas and grocery purchases
  • 1% off on all the other things

The cash-like transactions are the one that does not get any bonus Disney Dollars that include; balance transfers, gambling deposits, credit card fees, poker chips, etc.

As long as you keep your account open these points will not expire.

During the year, the average family could earn more than 36,000 points, based on our estimation.

Redeeming Disney Dollar Bonuses

To pay for the travel and Disney purchases you can use the balance of your Disney Dollar. For example, if your Disney Dollar balance is $400 and you bought an airline ticket for $400 then you can cancel the purchased ticket.

Disney – Related Purchases

To pay the Disney related purchases at Disney stores and theme parks you can use the Disney Dollars on your card.

What is the best thing about the Disney card- and what makes it different from other rewards cards- is whenever you visit the Disney theme parks or other locations at Disney then you can put on your balance at Disney Rewards Redemption Card to use it.

On a brand-specific card, no other rewards cards provide you an option of depositing your cash rewards.

To plan for a Disney vacation, putting your Disney Dollars balance on a card is the best
way to do so in our opinion.

Discounts at Disney Theme Parks, Restaurants and Resort Services

Here you can check some of the discounts, which you can expect:

  • For recreation activities 10% off at Disney resorts
  • For six months 0% APR on Disney vacation purchases
  • At WDW resort 15% off regular-price salon treatments
  • At WDW, Disneyland and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort 0% of certain dining locations

Make sure that you have read the Premier Cardmember Reward Program as every perk comes with a restriction on it so go through the guide which you get after receiving the card from Chase. There may be some of the rules and exceptions defined, which may be little confusing and it, depends totally on what you are reading through all the fine print.

The Disney Premier Visa Card’s Rates and Fees

If at this point, you are wondering that by using the Disney Premier Visa Card how much money you can save every year by spending at Disney then this is a good point to think about. It is one of the major aspects to know how much you spend and how more you can spend to get back in Disney Dollars.

However, one of the major thing that you should consider is if you will carry a balance then you have to pay the interest rate, which will decrease the value of your credit card.

Have a look at the rates of the interest and fees of the card

  • 16.99% is the APR
  • The annual fee is $49
  • The Late/returned payment fee is Up to $37
  • 3% is the balance transfer fee is
  • The Foreign transaction fee is 3%

As mentioned before, by paying any of the given fees will decrease the value of your Disney Premier Visa card.

For example, if for a year you carry a balance of $3000 then the interest rate charged
on you will be more than $500 which will discard all the discounted and free things which you have bought using your Disney card.

One of the most important tip to maximize the value of your card is that never pay a fee or interest.

Expert and Consumer Opinions About the Disney Premier Visa

We had gone through various sites to get some general opinions about this card. We have also consulted a site, specified for the Disney fans. According to the across the board opinion, this card offers a wide range of benefits for Disney fans but you can’t use this card as a primary credit card.

The card, which you are having as your main card, is your own choice and you can do a lot by using it according to your spending habits. If you are spending thousands of dollars a year for vacations at Disney then this card will help you to save your money in a great way.

If only once a year you visit Disney and only purchase tickets & food in the park then this card is not an excellent choice for you because you will not be able to avail all the benefits offered by the card. However, you can have it as per your choice because this topic is already in the debate.

The average family can spend at least $36,000 a year on this card by our estimation, which is sufficient to get free passes for at least three people with a spare amount of $50 to make purchases in the park.

Pros of the Disney Premier Visa

The best thing about this card is the variety of discounts offered by them for you at Disney Stores and theme parks. To head towards Disney you can pay for a family of three by using the free tickets, which you can get with the introductory bonus of $200 plus the Disney Dollars during the year to rack up.

Cons of the Disney Premier Visa

One of the major drawbacks of this card is its high rate of interest. However, keep in mind this will happen only when you will carry a balance.

The introductory bonus of $200 may be a drawback for most of the people because by using these bonus points you can only make Disney purchases. However, the people who are interested in this card being a Disney fan may not consider this as a downside.

Who Is the Disney Premier Visa Good For?

Now you are pretty clear about the Disney Premier Card as it is an incomparable card and is an excellent choice for a couple, family or an individual who make frequent plans to visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

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